It is possible to achieve varying levels of automation within your Office document templates, which streamline processes and therefore make the templates easier and more practical to use.

Multiple locations

If for example you have different office locations around the UK, it is possible to automate which office address appears when your letters are printed, either by manual selection from a list when Word is opened for example, by automatically knowing which user is logged into the computer or by a users physical location.

Automating which case studies appear in your PowerPoint presentation based upon the industry sector of your prospective customer is feasible, meaning that case studies can be centrally managed and updated.

Wouldn’t it be great if your current share price was added into your shareholder newsletter, or that a mini statement was automatically added onto your invoices, well this level of automation is possible within your Office templates.

Toolbars and Ribbons

By making customised toolbars and ribbons within your applications, regular tasks can be automated, for example adding styled tables, index pages, pre-formatted charts or even mail-merges for your direct mail campaigns.