Design and development

First on the list of our clients requirements is usually the need for their templates appearance to be improved.

It’s true that the controls within Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher do not offer the flexibility of desktop publishing applications for example Quark or InDesign, however this doesn’t mean that your templates can’t look stunning. With a little thought and careful planning, we’re usually able to apply your corporate style to any type of document, whether that’s background images in Excel, beautiful tables in Word or lovely typography for PowerPoint, and much more besides…

Microsoft Office template development

Once we have an approved design to work to, with careful planning we can ensure that your templates are still easy to use including implementing styles and themes. When we build your templates we always ensure;

  • The required compatibility with your applications from Office 2000 to Office 2013
  • Necessary compatibility between Macintosh and PC versions
  • Full support for your printers
  • Minimum file size/maximum quality
  • Brand consistency
  • Maximum usability
To summarise, we can do things in Microsoft Office templates that others can’t… please get in touch to tell us what you’d like.